Army of Ages

Army of Ages Hacked


Army of Ages Hacked

Army of Ages Hacked is a hacked version of the ever popular series "Army of Ages". In it, it plays predominately like the game does in it's normal version. The game itself is a side 2D light real time strategy game with turret defense like game mechanics. In it, you are the lord and master over a basic keep that starts out in the stone ages, and must survive an enemy onslaught by fighting, gathering resources, upgrading and evolving.

However, what makes the game different is that in its hacked form you are able to set different parameters within the game itself. You can quickly set how much damage particular units can do, how quickly you can evolve as a player, your amount of money and other resources, as well as set the spawn rate of the various units itself. Practically everything in hand is at your fingertips.

This particular style of gameplay isn't fun or conducive if you're a gaming purist who enjoys the thrill of combat, and being able to win or lose at a whim, where victory or defeat is a moment away. However, if you're the sort of player who enjoys seeing what a game has to offer, being able to play around and mess with the victory conditions, or just want to have a casual relaxing time, Army of Ages hacked might be a game that allows you to fulfill your godmodding desires.