Army of Ages

Army of Ages 3


Army of Ages 3

Army of Ages 3 is the action packed sequel to Army of Ages 2, and continues the exciting formula of the Army of Ages series in it's traditional format. Like its predecessors, Army of Ages 3 is a side 2D light real time strategy game with turret defense like game mechanics. In it, you are the lord and master over a basic keep that starts out in the stone ages, and must survive an enemy onslaught by fighting, gathering resources, upgrading and evolving.

As the usual series go, evolution is quick and sudden and is the key to winning. You start out in the stone age, move up through the medieval age, then the romantic age,then the modern age, then the future age where you send up to 50 different unit types out to fight the enemy in a never ending battle until you win. Game play, like in the previous installments, is fast and furious and you need to remain on top of your opponent to win.

but the question is: Can you overcome them? In Army of Ages 3 you'll have to play to find out, as the game is more balanced, plays quicker, and looks nicer than it has before.