Army of Ages

Army of Ages

Army of Ages is a tower defense game like you've never seen before. What makes this game truly interesting? The fact that you're essentially humanity fighting off against an alien invasion, and you, as the player of the human race, must continually evolve, outpace, and outmaneuver your alien opponents on a battlefield and overcome their own evolution. Imagine a cross between tower defense, RTS games, and a side scrolling action game where instead of micromanaging your units and such, you're sending them out on the field automatically and you simply need to keep an eye on your supplies.

Purpose of game

Army of Ages

That's the game in a nutshell, but it actually goes alot deeper than that. In fact, Army of Ages 1 plays out a lot like a lot of other popular strategy games out there. Imagine a sort of starcraft like game where instead of top down view of the battlefield you have a 2D view from the side. Instead of managing resources your most important quality is placing units on the battlefield. Instead of micromanaging fields of units you send them out quickly, gaining ground and outpacing your alien opponents own evolution.

Storyline wise, the game is pretty simple as well. After starting off a new game, you're introduced to a brief tutorial level where it appears to be standard fare. You, vs. another human opponent, but the tutorial itself brings in a sort of story content driving element where the aliens come down, obliterate your opponent and it's up to defeat them. To do so, you must continually evolve your own species through the stone ages, to the medieval era, to the modern era, and all the way up towards the future era as well.

Thats where most of the game play is derived from as well. While it's pretty simple and intuitive, sending troops out normally on their own to fight for you, you need to manage your resources to choose what upgrades you wish to use on your troops, where to place turrets on the battlefield, and even decide when is the perfect time to evolve. Not only that, but you also have at your disposal special abilities that you gain throughout the different ages that you can use over and over and over again as long as you have the required experiences points to do them.

Special Tricks

However, once you evolve, you automatically sell all of your buildings, all of your turrets, and all of your upgrades and start with practically zero troops or buildings on the battlefield. A trick to making sure you evolve at the right time? Always use it when you have an obvious advantage on the field, with your troops closing in on the enemy on their side of the field. This will give you ample time to evolve, buy your basic buildings once more, and the necessary upgrades you need and be able to push back against them.

Just remember, it's called Army of Ages for a reason, so be sure to utilize your intelligence and lead your army to victory over the alien scum.